Common Winter Electrical Issues and How to Fix Them

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When snow and temperatures begin to fall, it’s time to embrace thicker clothing and cozy getaways. However, your electrical system is quite vulnerable during winter and can turn your festivities into something…less delightful. Knowing how to handle these common winter electrical issues is key to keeping your spirits up and your house cozy

In this blog, we’ll touch on some of the most common winter electrical issues, how to avoid them, and also how to fix them.


Tripped Circuit Breakers

As winter approaches, the increasing usage of heating appliances such as space heaters, electric blankets, or heat pumps can overload circuits and cause circuit breakers to trip. When a circuit becomes overloaded, the breaker trips to avoid overheating and fires.

To troubleshoot a tripped circuit breaker, first switch off the device that causes the overload. Locate your electrical panel or circuit breaker box. Inside, find the tripped breaker; it should be in the “off” position or somewhere between “on” and “off.” Switch it off, then back on—it’s an easy fix!

If the breaker continues to trip regularly, it might signal a more serious electrical problem. It is best to hire a certified electrician, like those at LB Electric, to examine the circuits and properly diagnose the problem.



Faulty Heating Systems

Due to increasing use, heating systems—such as furnaces and heat pumps—often reveal problems in the winter.

Make sure the batteries are new and that your thermostat is adjusted properly. Incorrect settings or low battery power might occasionally cause problems with the heating system. Moreover, a filthy filter may impede airflow, which would lower the heating system’s effectiveness. To keep the airflow right, replace the filter regularly. Give your heating system a short break by turning it off for a few minutes. If the issue persists, we’ve got you covered. This straightforward reset can occasionally fix little problems.

If the heating system continues to malfunction, emits weird odours, or makes strange noises, it is recommended to call a professional HVAC specialist to evaluate and fix the system to avoid further damage or safety issues.



Power Outages

Winter storms, severe snowfall, and ice can cause power outages owing to downed power lines or grid overloading.

Determine whether the power outage affects only your home or the entire neighbourhood. If the outage is extensive, notify your power company. If the outage is just affecting your house, make sure no circuit breakers have tripped.

If your breakers keep tripping or the power’s out for an extended period, get in touch with our certified electricians at LB Electric. We’ll get things sorted for you! These symptoms may signal a more serious electrical problem that needs professional assistance.




Frozen Pipes and Electrical Systems

Cold weather may cause frozen pipes and even interfere with electrical systems, causing serious concerns.

To prevent freezing, insulate exposed pipes and electrical wires. Use heating tape or wires on susceptible pipelines. Maintain sufficient ventilation to avoid humidity that might cause electrical components to freeze.

If you think your pipes or electrical gear might be feeling the chill, let our pros take a look. We’re here to keep your home cozy and safe!





Outdoor Electrical Issues

Due to exposure to extreme weather conditions, outdoor lights, extension cables, and seasonal decorations might face obstacles throughout the winter, potentially leading to problems such as short circuits or damage.

Ensure that outside wiring, particularly Christmas lights and extension cables, is rated for outdoor usage and is securely fastened to avoid damage from wind, snow, or ice. Examine outside outlets for evidence of damage or water penetration. To protect them from the outdoors, consider utilizing weatherproof coverings.

If you come across any issues with your outdoor electrical components, give us a shout. We’ll fix or replace them to ensure your space stays safe and sound.



LB Electric – Reliable & Prompt Electrical Contractors in Ottawa

Please contact us so you can prepare to face the electrical challenges of winter. LB Electric, your trusted Ottawa-based electrical professionals, is here to help. From flickering lights to fussy heating systems, our crew is well-versed in dealing with frequent winter electrical concerns. We have the answers to keep your house snug and bright, whether it’s resetting annoying circuit breakers or keeping your heating warm. 

Ready to banish those winter electrical gremlins? Contact LB Electric, and let us brighten up your home all season long!

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