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Planning to renovate your home?

Ottawa Renovation Electricians

Planning to renovate your home? Renovating a home is an extensive project that requires significant planning to ensure all aspects come together well. Whether you’re renovating a kitchen, bathroom or basement, there’s a great chance that you will be installing additional electrical appliances as well. These appliances will need to be plugged into outlets or electrical panels.

Depending on the type of appliance you are installing, a panel with specific requirements may be required including electrical, cabling and wiring, panel and sub-panel installations, fire alarm systems, LED lighting and/or communication and data cabling

LB Electric is the electrician you can trust for all your electrical renovation work. We take pride in our highly skilled team of electricians who prioritize safety and efficiency on every project we work on.

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Wiring, Lighting and Others

Renovation Electrical Upgrades In Ottawa

Wiring Upgrades: The best time to upgrade your wiring system is when you are remodeling your home. Your home’s old wiring may be a safety risk. This is because rotting or unprotected wires could catch fire over time. You should therefore have your home’s wiring system assessed and, if necessary, upgraded or replaced.

Lighting Upgrades: Have you considered replacing the lighting in your home? When people are remodeling their houses, this is one of the frequently asked questions we receive. Recessed lights and other contemporary or intelligent lighting choices are popular upgrades for lighting systems. Replacing outdated light fixtures with newer, more energy-efficient alternatives is a common part of home renovations.

Other Upgrades: It’s critical to have an electrical system that can support the demands of the various modern fixtures on the market that come with cutting-edge features and technologies. You can decrease the amount of electricity your household uses by switching to more energy-efficient solutions.

Industry experience is essential to hiring a highly qualified electrician and to a job well done. All of our specialists are equipped with all the expertise and experience needed to do your project quickly and safely. Get started today.

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