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Lighting Installation Services for Residential & Commercial Spaces

To provide illumination to indoor and outdoor places, lighting installation services cover a variety of specialized operations carried out by qualified personnel. This entails choosing the right lighting fixtures, placing them in the right places, making the necessary electrical connections, and making sure the lighting is functionally sound. Beyond technical aspects, a good lighting installation requires establishing a mood that supports the space’s function while also being in line with the client’s tastes and vision.

In essence, lighting installation services focus on utilizing light’s ability to improve environments, arouse feelings, and fulfill practical requirements. The enormous effect that lighting can have on your surroundings is something we at LB Electric are aware of. In order to create lighting solutions that are both practical and aesthetically attractive, our committed team combines technical know-how with creative flair.

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Why Choose LB Electric?

Expertise: Every project benefits from the amount of experience and knowledge that our team of certified electricians delivers. We remain current on market developments so we can provide cutting-edge solutions.

Quality Control: To ensure that your installations last a long time, we place a strong priority on using high-quality lighting equipment and materials.

Customization: Every project is unique. We favour individualized approaches that take into account your particular tastes and needs.

Safety First: Our top priority is keeping you secure. All of our installations abide by strict safety requirements.

Customer-Centric Approach: Your happiness is our top priority. Because we put the needs of our customers first, we will work with you from conception to completion.

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Answers from Trusted Ottawa Electricians

Frequently Asked Questions

From electrical installations to repairs and upgrades, LB Electric is here to assist you every step of the way. Don’t see the answer you’re looking for? Feel free to reach out!

Residential buildings, business buildings, outdoor locations, and event venues are just a few of the places we provide lighting installation services for. Everything from inviting living spaces to vast outdoor landscapes is within the scope of our expertise.

To fully comprehend your space, tastes, and needs, our knowledgeable staff will collaborate directly with you. We’ll offer professional advice on lighting varieties, fixtures, and locations that support your vision and the function of the area.

Absolutely, yes. We place a high priority on energy-efficient solutions and frequently suggest LED lights. While being ecologically friendly, LED lights use less energy, last longer, and help to lower energy expenses.


Certainly. Installations of interior and outside lighting are our areas of expertise. We have the know-how to make your ideas come to life, whether you’re trying to create a warm internal ambiance or illuminate outside walkways, landscapes, or facades.

A first meeting helps us better understand your requirements and preferences. Next, we create a unique lighting design, suggest appropriate fixtures, and offer a thorough quote. Once authorized, our knowledgeable staff takes care of the installation while making sure all safety and quality requirements are satisfied.

Our first focus is safety. Our staff is made up of certified electricians who carry out each installation in accordance with stringent safety guidelines and industry standards. We carry out in-depth examinations to make sure your lighting is both aesthetically pleasing and secure.

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